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How to get ePoints?

ePoints are virtual points that can be exchanged for the goods at our eshop.


You can earn ePoints:

1. 1000 ePoints F will get the user by registration at

2. 500 ePoints F will get the registered user by verifying his profile through Facebook

3. 100 ePoints F will get each user once a day for by on to If the user will not spend this ePoints for fees to PRO competitions or match betting, this bonus will be canceled.

4. 10 ePoints F will get each user for each announced competition that he will register for and bet all matches. ePoints will be credited to the user after the competition has been evaluated (no matter if he bet scheduled matches correctly or not).

5. 1000 ePoints F will get the user for a friend that he brings to, if the friend verifies his profile through Facebook and bets at least 5 PRO competitions.


You can win ePoints:

1. Earned ePoints from competitions. Every day, there are various betting competitions from different sports, one or multi-rounds, FREE or PRO. If you bet correctly all the matches from the competition, you win a share of the listed grant for the given competition. If there is e.g. competition with the grant of 500 ePoints and two users bet correctly all the matches, each winner will earn 250 ePoints to his account.

2. Earned ePoints from match betting. Every day, there are individual matches from different sports, with betting rate 1, X or 2 for each match. By clicking on the selected option the user opens a window to determine how many ePoints he is willing to bet on given option at listed rate.

If the bet is correct, the user wins a multiple of his deposit and exchange rate, e.g. if he bets 100 ePoints at the rate of 1.5 and his bet is correct, he will be credited with 150 ePoints. In the case of an incorrect bet, the user loses ePoints that he bet.


You can get ePoints from another user:

ePoints PRO can be transferred between users´ accounts. If your friend has ePoints PRO, you can agree to send them to your account. The transfer is charged with 10% of transferred value of ePoints PRO.


We distinguish 2 types of ePoints:

ePoints account, where earned and obtained ePoints are recorded, is divided into 2 sub-accounts: ePoints F (FREE) account and ePoints P (PRO) account. ePoints F are ePoints won in free competitions, by match betting or otherwise gained (see below). They can be used for paying the entry fee to PRO competitions played for ePoints P or they can be exchanged for the goods at our eshop. ePoints P are ePoints won in PRO competitions with entry fee in the form of ePoints. They have all benefits as ePoints F + they can be exchanged for the products in our eshop marked as PRO + they can be sent to the account of another user registered at

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