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On each registered user can join announced betting competitions or bet listed matches. Have fun, compete with others, bet real matches and win various bonuses or virtual ePoints. ePoints can be exchanged for the goods at our eshop. You can only win with us, because you don´t risk anything.


2 betting types:

1. Betting competition - user must first register himself for each competition before starting to bet.  Once registered, you can bet listed matches by clicking on 1, X or 2 - depending on match type. The bet can be changed till the beginning of the match by clicking on another option for certain match. Each competition contains one or more announced rounds. If there are more rounds in the competition, then the next round shall be followed only by the players who bet correctly all matches from the previous rounds. The winner of the competition is that one, who correctly bet all the matches in the last round. If there are more winners, then the announced grant for the competition is divided among all winners in the same proportion. In FREE competitions, where you compete for bonuses and ePoints, you must sign up for a competition before the first round of the competition starts. In PRO competitions with entry fee, where you play for "ePoints P", you can sign up also during the competition. In this case the entry fee is a multiple of the fee before the first round and the number of started rounds, i.e. if the entry fee before 1st round is 2 ePoints and the user joins the 3rd round, then his ePoints account will be deducted by 6 ePoints.

In PRO competitions with the entry fee, where you play for "ePoints P", you can log out  from the competition if your match betting was bad and sign up again. In this case the entry fee is not returned to the user. Multi-round competitions are divided into competitions with fixed number of the rounds and so-called one winner competitions with no fixed number of the rounds. These competitions are bet until there is only one winner. If there is nobody with correct bet in the last round, the grant will be divided among the users who have followed to the last round.


2. Match betting - individual matches are bet and the user bets for the selected match a certain amount of ePoints on selected option. If user has both types of ePoints on his account, as first ePoints F are deducted. If he bets more than is the current value of his ePoints F, and he has ePoints P available, balance value is deducted from his ePoints P.  By match betting, no matter if you bet ePoints F or ePoints P, you win ePoints F.


3 types of betting competitions:

1. You play for bonus that will be credited to the winner´s (winners´) account at the sponsor of the competition, eventually the winner (winners) will receive a voucher for the purchase at sponsor of the competition.

2. You play for ePoints F (F = FREE) that the winner (winners) can use as an entry fee for another PRO competitions or you can use earned ePoints to choose prizes at our eshop.

3. You play for ePoints P (P = PRO) that can be handled as ePoints F + can be used in our eshop for products marked as PRO or ePoints P can be transferred to the account of another user.

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